DOE Unveils Net-Zero 220,000 Square Foot Office Space

اگر فرصت داشتید کل نوشته را بخوانید.

برای آن هایی که حالش را ندارند من اول به نقل این دو جمله کلیدی برای تعریف معماری زرو انرژی قناعت می کنم که در جریان باشید:

“A net zero energy building is a building with greatly reduced energy needs through efficiency gains such that the balance of the energy needs can be supplied by renewable technologies,”

“A good ZEB definition should first encourage energy efficiency, and then use renewable energy sources available on site. A building that buys all its energy from a wind farm or other central location has little incentive to reduce building loads."

و بعد هم این دو جمله از دو پاراگراف انتهایی که نشان می دهد که هنوز راه درازی مانده است تا برسیم به آنجایی که باید... البته در دنیا منظورم بود. در ایران که ما الان رو قله ایم.

"Given that the average square foot of office space in the Denver area where the NREL office is located runs about $140 per square foot to design and build, and the NREL building is $259 per square foot, there’s still progress to be made in terms of proving that net-zero can be achieved at an acceptable cost."

"The building increases NREL’s campus square footage by 60 percent but only increases energy needs by 6 percent, and then fulfills those needs via a rooftop solar array..."

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"there is still progress to be made" دیگه چی میگن اینا!